Cut the Cord.

To live a minimalist life, one must categorize everything around them. There is no longer room for waste. Every item around you is tying you down, the only way to be free is to cut the cords.

- Clothing: Take all your hanging clothes and turn to have the hook facing you just once, do it today or next laundry day. Donate all the clothes that you haven't turned the hanger around on.

- Storage: You don't need it. If you have items in storage, you will not use them. They are cluttering your life and if you are paying for a storage unit, wasting your money.

- Food: Eat clean, eat light, eat until you are satisfied. Drink only water, tap is fine, get a filter if your local tap is nasty. Get rid of the microwave. Get a crock pot and a cheap George Foreman. Learn what you can cook with those. Frozen chicken tenders and cheap canned vegetables can be amazing with a few spices or a nice vinaigrette dressing. Discover what you can do with beans, rice, and lentils.

- Expenses: Make a chart. Make a chart. Seriously, Make a chart. On the left side write down all of your monthly expenses with dates they are due, Round up to the nearest amount (I choose $25, if that takes you over your income, do $5). Include an allotment for grocery and necessities (Soap, Toothpaste, Detergent, etc.).

On the right side note down your current pay period and the next pay period, next to the dates make note of your estimated minimum income amount for that period. Now fill in under there the bills due and the amount of each one. Subtract the total bill allotment from the income amount. This is your total spending money until next pay period. Use it as you see fit.

- Expenses 2: Some bills are unneeded. After you have made your list of expenses, look at which ones you can eliminate or reduce. Take the time to call the companies and see if you can get a better rate for the same or similar service.

This is just a start, as you begin clearing out the mess and organizing the remainder you will begin seeing more of what can be done to pare down the unnecessary. Some things that seem mandatory now can very realistically be cut. As you reduce your burden and expenses you will see availability to downsize your living space, reduce your financial output, and gain the freedom to reduce your financial gain and spend that time on self improvement. Or you can hold out and get into secure investing and build a solid retirement package. Live now or live later, the choice is yours.


  1. Aw..If only I could. If only.

    Keep it up anyway! Great blog ideas!

  2. Interesting post!

  3. Interesting advice. Especially the clothes one. I'll try that.

  4. Exceptional advice. I need to try to apply these to my life.

    Thank you. And I got you supported.

  5. You always were amazing with math. you have taught me so much in the past years. especially since 2007. THIS is going to be such a good book ::grin::

  6. I love reading about all this. Different perspectives definitely

  7. I spend so much money on going out food. i'm embarrassed.