Forget what I said...

Nothing is more precious than the words you have forgotten. We focus so much on acquiring knowledge at the expense of developing the comprehension and understanding that comes with it. We are a society coming to a summit of intelligence, while we suffer under the general lack of wisdom to utilize it.

Explain how to walk, how to talk, how to listen. All of these tasks have become a very essence of who you are, you developed these skills by action, instinct, and support, the words that guided you mean nothing compared to the comprehension you have.

Do not let yourself be hung up upon the words that taught you to be, let those words become a part of who you are so that you may be the font of insight, not a mindless parrot repeating words given to you.

Forget the words, inherit the meaning.
Understand nothing and know everything.
Know nothing and can understand everything.


  1. Where do you get this stuff? Awesome!
    Continuing to support


  2. your blogs are great! and i totally agree with, especially about the importance of understanding the meaning of something being much more important than just being a repeating parrot.