The Right Wrong

We make so many affirmations of ourselves that we begin to deny parts of who we are. I am no longer this because I am that. This is further labeling. I have spent much time defining myself only to realize I must change as I can no longer grow if bound by these definitions.

Don't just live your life, experience it. Cease the pointless definitions and the struggle to say you are something. Be something. Words are great for conveying knowledge, but do not show the character of a person. Actions and wise words show your character.

Look at every experience in your life. You have many, no matter who you are. Study the moments and understand what you gained from them, good or ill. Look at everything you define yourself as. Study these definitions and make them guidelines of who you are, not shackles that deny you the world.

You are an amazing person who has done amazing things. You have a lifetime of beauty and wonder ahead of you. Don't close your eyes, experience it all.


Demand Defiance

Accept what you are told. Do without question. Act, do not understand.

Base conventions in our society. Defy them. Stand up against the mass and question everything.

Those in power that know what they are doing will appreciate an opportunity to explain. Those who are faking it will be angry. Wise ones will challenge you to learn. No matter the answer, you will have begun to learn more.

Don't stop at questioning why those around you are the way they are. Question the rain, question the soil, question the flower. Until you understand the hows and whys of everything, you still have more to learn. Learn something little, but never stop learning. Defy the silence, defy the system, defy intelligence and gain wisdom.