Connecting with Distraction

So much time is wasted trying to distract one's self from what you are doing. Stop thinking about it as procrastinating. Stop saying you wasted the time. Just stop a moment.

One of the key points of the Taoist mind is self awareness. Know who you are, what you do, and why you do it. Accept your distractions, now understand them. Didn't want to clean your place, so you played that new game. Awesome, you did something. You got closer to beating that game you bought, instead of letting it get dusty on a shelf.

Stop blaming yourself for what you do, realize what you do. Once you begin to eliminate the guilt, it will become easier to do what you need to be doing. Let yourself do those activities you want to, stop making them an excuse. Choose to do what you want to do.

Blame and guilt are your enemy. Stop wallowing in guilt and blaming yourself for what you choose to do. Accept who you are, accept what you enjoy and admit it without shame. Once you have gotten past that, once you are free of your self pity, now you are free to complete your next task. You are free to choose.


  1. Great advice, but I'm unfortunately procrastinating from doing a report by reading your blog at the moment >.<

  2. nice! awesome thoughts.

  3. I swear you are reading my thoughts most days.

  4. I agree with Eferhilda. SO TRUE, I know but I still choose guilt for it. Why? Now following.

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  6. Deep Thought, that is the hardest part. The important part is becoming aware. Now you know you do it, understand you do it. You ask the most important question that only you can answer... Why?

    Why is the most important question you can ask yourself. Are you guilty because you had something else to do? Are you guilty because what you are doing isn't fulfilling? Are you guilty because you feel that someone else wouldn't approve of you?

    Answer these questions for yourself, but remember, please always remember; Your life is here to experience what you choose and make of it what you will. Don't let anyone else take away the freedom you have, the freedom to choose to be You.

  7. regarding what Taoist said above in comments:

    it's like the old adage "no one can hurt you unless you give them permission" - who are we feeling guilty for? Is it to pacify some inner voice by punishing ourselves a little bit? Is it for our parents, absent or not? Is it for our friends, our priest, our God?

    I say feel guilty on no one's account, even your own. It's not going to solve anything, magically fix any problem, or make anyone feel any better-and you'll certainly feel worse.