Experience the Impossible

Take in a deep breath and bask in what is around you. Absorb every sight, sound, and smell. Taste the wind and caress the light. Remember this pointless moment.

Every moment you have is as precious as you make it. Every small thing you do is another experience acquired. The most precious moments can be had by looking upon the world with child like vision.

Children see things that adults do not. Why?

The world is still shiny and new. They haven't become so accustomed to the world that they feel bored with it before even looking. Return to that child's mind. See with eyes untainted by cynicism and boredom.

So many experiences, so many moments, your world will fill with colors unseen and joys long forgotten. Fight the banality of the gray asphalt and black tar. See the world for the thousand hidden colors hiding in plain view.

I have two personal memories, so minor, yet so vivid.

First; I was at a camp site sitting on the porch. I held a bottle of water and was staring at the grainy sand and dirt as condensation fell to the ground. I sat enraptured watching the water move amongst the dirt moving it around. As each drop fell, the pattern grew. It was watching art unfold with no direction.

And second; Walking to the store, I look out into a large empty field, the grass overgrown from recent rains. There is an old wood and rusted barb wire fence that has been overtaken by ivy and other such living things. Amongst this green and brown span, I see a white and red kite flying above the field against the stark blue sky. The kite's string was caught in the bushes, while the kite flew in the afternoon breeze.

These moments are so easy to overlook, so minor. Yet, taking the time to realize this is going on around you, to pull you out of the darkness and bring you back to a world of life and color.

This world is scary and grim. It will try and crush you and make you conform to the easy path. Stare deep into that falling shadow, remember that last drop of light. For with that moment, you will become like a divine prism. The light shall bend through you and all around people will be bathed in the colors of your exaltation.


  1. That moment is when I first felt Tao. That was when I realized that I had found emptiness. If I were not empty, the light would not have shone through. I felt the weight of a life of burden finally fall free as I knew it was time to move forward.

  2. Wow, interesting read. Very deep stuff. Glad I followed.

  3. I am continually feeling amazed at your insight. A blessing that continues to grow, evolve and astound me. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I'm digging your blog a lot lately. Any advice on meditation? I can't seem to do it at all. I've tried a few times..

  5. awesome! feels good man.

  6. I just had a couple grams of indoor cali meditation