Tao by Design

So I finally want to take a moment to talk about what 'Tao by Design' means. It's a combination of my interests and a play on the meaning of Tao.

I am an avid follower of game design theory, both table-top and console/computer. Also, while in college I majored in graphic design and found it cool. From there, I am a Taoist. I spend a fair amount of my time these days studying and meditating on Taoist philosophy.

So seems simple enough, but here's the twist on the title. I was discussing Taoism with a co-worker that is also a minister and explained how Taoism was not a religion, but a philosophical viewpoint that any could adopt. As I thought back on that discussion, I found the thought of God as a Taoist profoundly amusing. All things are part of Tao and Tao is all things, so Tao can function in both creationist thought and evolutionist theory.

All things are Tao by Design, therefore all that I design is Tao.

Sorry for the less profound musings today, may post a follow up later tonight.


  1. hmm. I was wondering what that meant exactly.

  2. i like the design of your blog. i can't wait to read some new posts :)

  3. Interesting stuff here, I like your 2nd to last post a lot.

  4. good to see you're beating inertia today!