Mediating Meditating

The act of meditation is connected with divine gurus and new age hipsters. While the truth of meditation is completely different. Meditation is not limited to that deep spiritual moment that you understand the meaning of life, it is that simple deep breath.

When you step outside for a smoke break, you stop everything, slow down, and focus on taking a series of long deep breaths before getting back to work. Congratulations, you just took a brief meditative break.

Meditation is truly the process of letting yourself disconnect from the immediate concerns of the world and bring yourself back to yourself. You slow down, contemplate the internal, and reset.

All too often, we push ourselves non-stop from task to task. Much like understanding non-action, meditation is the process of actively choosing to do nothing. The difference between non-action and meditation lies in the fact that meditation tasks you with slowing down, recovering, and contemplating the self. Non-action is more the mental state of being aware and choosing to do nothing until needed.

Meditation is no far off thing. It is not what you have to spend a life time perfecting your chants. Just do the following;

1.) Set a timer (such as a relaxing song)
2.) Get comfortable. Sit back, take off your shoes, turn off distractions (like your phone).
3.) Close your eyes.
4.) Focusing on taking slow, deep breaths... in through the nose, out through the mouth.
5.) Continue until the music stops.
6.) Stand up, stretch, and feel recovered.

Congratulations, a basic meditation completed. Find your own way, find what fits in your day, but try to make time for it. Nothing is more important than you, nothing is more important than feeling your best. So take a few minutes everyday to be with that most perfect of people, You.


  1. You know I was just wondering last night what all mediation involved thank you.

  2. I'm lovin' your blog, as usual.


  3. i love meditate, your tips are so helpful ;D

  4. You have a good thing going here :)

  5. i liek this concept of meditation. i don't believe meditation has anything to do with spirituality but more of a selfish indulgence to relax.