My Garden, My Flesh

Tend to your body. Nothing is more important to living a long and happy life than to feel good. To feel good you must care for your body.

I am not merely saying eat right and exercise. What I am talking about is truly developing your body. Stop sterilizing everything, you are killing your bodies immune system. By the same token, don't live in squalor, wash your fruit, don't eat bad meat.

Enjoy nature, go out and play in a warm rain. Get some friends together and go explore hiking trails. Roll around in the mud.

Push your body to go a step further each day. Can you just barely lift that 20lb dumb bell, do it twice every day, until you can do it a third. Don't weigh your advancement on that of another, your body is different.

Stop making excuses. Think of your body as a garden, if you want it to be beautiful you have to maintain it. Tend to all areas regularly, feed and water it daily. If you make excuses to not tend it, it will die.

Let your body slowly change, slowly improve, and reveal a person you are happy with. You don't need to push to become some Greek god, become the beautiful fallible human you are. You have the seeds, you have the land, now... I challenge you to tend your garden for a year.

Take a picture of yourself today. (Write the date on it)
Begin a simple exercise routine. Nothing too time consuming.
Try basic squats, using a chair for support. Do it until your legs begin to hurt, then do one more.

This is not a temporary exercise program or diet, this is about saying 'I am ready for a change.' Change your lifestyle, change your life. Eat better, hydrate yourself, and play harder.

What you start today, will begin a change that will last the rest of your life.


  1. I gotta swallow my pride there... I'm the king of excuses..

  2. Yes yes...the excuses. We all know them all too well and you are right. Enough is enough with them.

  3. I like the way you think, its very..calming. I'll be reading..