Actively Passive

Too often we consider taking no action as doing nothing. The source of the thought more often than not comes from the fact that the inaction is not planned out. Try taking the time to consider Non-Action as an option.

As emptiness fills us, non-action should define our function. Look at situations and weigh out your options on how to handle them. Do not forget that you can choose to not act. When you learn about another person's drama, you do not need to be involved. You can be aware, you can be supportive, but do you really need to step into it? Consider that. You can always choose to not act, until you see a moment arise that action is the only course.

If you had been acting before that moment, if you were too busy to see it arise, you never would have been able to take the perfect action. The greatest hunter does not unleash an arrow at the first sight of a Deer. The hunter waits, chooses non-action, until the perfect moment. In that moment, he chooses to act with as much conviction as he chose not to act the moment before.

Find peace in knowing you choose non-action. Find strength in always being ready to act.


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