Pixels of Sand

Working on nothing and the pixels of sand slowly fall away on a digital hourglass. Time loses meaning and we lose the day. Take your time back, don't let it flow away.

We spend so much time being 'productive', only to realize we got nothing done. We spend so much time trying to be efficient, that we don't get what we want.

At the end of the day, record what you did. See how little you accomplished. Now write down what you want to do tomorrow. As you go through the day, remember what you want to do and do it. Seems simple enough, yet we will find pointless things to do instead of what we want to do and time will slip away.

Take 10 minutes to exercise, Take 20 minutes to relax, Take 30 minutes to Create, Take 30 minutes to Shower, Take 30 minutes to clean your house. These are all seemingly meaningless things in the grand scheme, but taking Two Hours everyday to improve your day will change everything.


  1. This is a great idea, I should do this, I always end up wasting my entire day being lazy.

  2. I think my definition of "improvement" may be somewhat skewed.

  3. What if what i want to do for the day is be lazy?

  4. Interesting concept on how to look at life. Really interested in Tao philosophy now.


  5. i should try that... it sounds like it would actually work.

  6. Nothing is more successful then spending a day actively doing nothing.

  7. You're making me very interested in this Tao philosophy... Seems like it's a catalyst that makes you perceive and mature faster more efficiently..

  8. Had to pick one to respond to, Steve.
    I appreciate the comments greatly.

    It is a catalyst. It promotes you to take time to study who you are and become a part of the world. I wouldn't say I am more mature than anyone else, but I do take a lot of time to perceive what I do and what goes on around me.

    Taoism is merely a philosophy, a series of poems to help you consider a grander concept. You make of it what you will and grow from it.