Simply Return

Return to happiness.
Return to peace.
Return to purity.

You have not gone too far away from who you are. You will never go so far away that you cannot return. Your experience changes you and makes you grow, but does not erase the essence of who you are.

Learn yourself, know yourself, be yourself. The being that you truly are may not be seen by everyone else yet. Someday that will change as you return to yourself.

Think back to being a child before you learned that everything was so different. Realize that those labels are merely stickers put on by others so they do not have to think about the subject. Take the stickers off yourself, tear free of the labels that you have stuck on, rail against the labels others feel the right to stick upon you.

Return to who you are.
Return to a life without labels.
Return to Tao.

Yesterday may have made today, but it doesn't have to make tomorrow.


  1. *smiles at this post* Simple yet so difficult.

  2. The best things are, I think :)

    Returning, forgetting, re-imagining, and going with the path Tao has shown you...there is nothing more difficult, or more simple.

  3. I wanted to say thank you for your comment on my blog. It was something I did not want to have hear at the time, but only because it was so true. Thank you.

  4. You walk a hard path and face it with the strength to look at yourself and say you want to be. As one who has walked many paths to get to now, I respect the strength you have to be yourself.