Mk. II Minimilist Tips

I covered some basics yesterday and wanted to touch back on it.

On the matter of expenses, to help manage you money divide your bills by the number of pay periods each month. Meaning, if you get paid weekly, divide by four, bi-weekly by two. This will more reliably balance your money and will also provide you two months of the year where you receive full paychecks to spend as you see fit.

On the matter of minimalism outside the materialistic, devote your life to simplicity. Find innovative ways to fill your time and replace the need for external devices. Want to work out, you don't need a treadmill, go outside. Want to do major cardio, go to a kids playground, you can do incline push ups, dips, and pull ups with ease. Minimalism is merely another word for simplicity.

Simplify your life and you will be burdened by less. With less burden it will be easier to face your problems... to face yourself. When you are ready to face yourself, you can begin to change. And when you accept the cycle of change, the world itself will change with you.


  1. Great tips. I think I need some minimalism myself. Might help me not feel so overwhelmed.

  2. That is why I got into it, I was so overwhelmed with work, school, advancement, a failing marriage, and trying to uphold my dreams, I was about to break. I've slowly pared down much of that.

  3. It sounds so good, but easier said than done. I try so hard to eliminate the chaff from the wheat in my life, but I always wind up in another state of accumulation.

  4. My life could use some minimalism. :D

  5. You are right, Superhero. To make the change to simplicity is much like weight loss. It isn't a one time action, a short term change. It is a dedicated change of your very self. You are changing your entire life, it isn't easy, but that's why it is so satisfying when you succeed.

    You can succeed, you just have to start.

  6. This is great advice i need to follow. Now when should I start?

  7. Good tips !

    Following and supporting !