Cycle of Change

I write daily about change. Change yourself, change your environment, change your world. I don't know you or your situation, so why do I mention change?

The reason why; Change is natural.

We fear change and fight it. We hold fast to thoughts and methodologies that we do not understand. Everything in nature is in a constant state of change. To be at peace is to become as the flow of the seasons, letting the cycle of change move with you.

Nothing more perfectly defines this than water. It adapts to the shape of any container that holds it. Water constantly moving is clean, pure, and life giving. Water that sits unchanging, slowly dies becoming stagnant.

I do not judge you for needing change, nor do I judge myself for changing. It is the natural flow of things. Find areas that need to grow, change, improve. Constantly move in a cycle of self awareness and personal development. As the trees bare fruit to share with others, let your experience and wisdom be the gifts you offer the world.


  1. We should welcome change, instead of fearing it.

  2. i like change. most of the times, change brings good things.

  3. Ok, I could like to change the world, but first I going to change something in my room.

  4. great post and thx for this infos ^^