Old Type of New

We move ceaselessly forward into a new decade. As I stumble forward into opportunity and responsibility, I find myself finding peace in simpler things.

I am an avid supporter of progressive technology, computers, and video games. Yet, I find myself becoming more and more intrigued by the simple things. Handicrafts, housework, puzzle boxes, and taking up every chance to say yes to something new.

It was an amazing year of awakening. It was my first year to know myself. Now I can face this year as the man I have become and continue to change the world around me.

The greatest change I plan for this year is to try and break down the barriers I have set up between myself and the rest of the world. I have nothing to fear from the world any longer. I was forced to face the emotions and situations that tore me apart years ago, and I realized in that moment, I am not the boy I once was. I have nothing to fear from my feelings any longer.

I feel the pain, but it does not control me. I let the emotions run their course, but they do not dictate my words.

A thousand paths, a thousand destinations, the horizon is infinite, and I will walk the simple path with those that wish to learn with me.