Masked Truth

Happy Candy Day!

In celebration of this day of masquerade, let's look at our personal masks. Every day when you get up, you prepare for the day ahead. Your behaviors at work are different than those at home, which are further different than at school.

It is an easy transition of thought to consider each of these different behavior patterns as a mask. We place a different mask on for every activity. Some would argue that this is an unhealthy pattern of behavior, to change one's self instead of always hold true to the core being. I disagree.

We learn to behave by the rules of the given situation, if we choose to ignore them, then we are not making an attempt to be a part of the greater community. I am not talking about giving up a part of yourself to fit in, I am talking about putting on a social mask to not stand out.

The ultimate goal in this concept is not to become one of the crowd, but to blend in with the crowd. Almost as a wolf in sheep's clothing, you develop the ability to stalk through groups unnoticed, as you appear to be a part of it. Yet, you have not given up your personal beliefs, therefore you can still chose to act as yourself, working to move against or uplift the setting.

Everyday, every situation, changing masks to always fit in. Don't change what's on the inside for external acceptance, put on the right mask.


What Inspires?

Do you think about what you say?

Are the words that come out of you mouth wasted upon deaf ears? Have the words you have said made those ears deaf to you?

You give your words power, but only the listener gives them value. If your words are always destructive, negative, and violent, people will begin to ignore them.

Let your words be a comfort, let your words hold real power, let your words inspire. I work with a young lady who inspires me regularly. Not be profound words, she often talks of daily life, school, and sillyness. Yet, her constant joie de vive reminds me how life shouldn't be taken so seriously.

As I let go of the serious path, I find my mind filled with deep thoughts. The musings of a sage and of a child are not so different.


A Gift Unwanted

Every day those around us offer us the worst of gifts. They offer us their anger, their frustration, their pain. They don't want it any more, they want the pain to go away.

This daily torment comes at us and without meaning to we take these gifts. A fine day goes badly because of another person's problems. Yet, are you responsible for it? Did you actually do something wrong? Even if you did, was your action truly worth their response?

Stop taking these gifts. They may offer it, but you have no obligation to accept. Be empty and let the negativity flow through you, do not let it stay with you.

Whenever anyone tries to attack you verbally, emotionally, psychologically... Only you have the power to validate their sickness. Let their poison have no meaning. Do not fight them on their terms, do not let their judgment and wicked words sink in. Stand apart from them, understand that staying calm will guide you better than their assault. Hear what they are trying to say, evaluate the validity, and let it go.

If you have taken the time to begin understanding who you are, no one else can criticize you. They may try, but you have the power to judge their words and see what you wish to apply to yourself. The world is full of opinions, most of them wrong for your way of life. Don't get caught up in the critics view. Only let you be the judge of how you live your life. If you are living it well; If you are happy; and you are making the world better (not worse) for those around you; then you are living a good life.

Those that waste their time hating, judging, and criticizing those around them are the ones to pity. As they are so unhappy with themselves, that they feel that they must give that pain to others, hoping to feel happier. That path of life works for no one. To be one with Tao, be empty and let the gift of pain flow through you.


Joyous Inspiration

Stare at one thing with the same eyes and you will never see anything new. Stare at everything with the same eyes and you will see one perspective. Gaze upon the world with ever-changing eyes and be filled with joy.

Change is the most natural thing in the world. When water no longer changes it stagnates and becomes unhealthy. Don't stagnate.

Creativity is a natural part of us. To see how natural, give a child a crayon and watch. We make things just to see them. And it is beautiful.

Don't fight your creative whim, don't force creation. Return to that child's mind, see your world with new eyes, and inspiration will fill you. It may not be what you were looking for, but be open to something new. The unexpected, the inspiration, it is the path to enlightenment. Let your studies be full on enlightenment and your creativity light-hearted.


Inspirations from Beyond

Things are a bit hectic. Getting ready for a Charity Wine Gala, a friend is getting me into studying Quantum Theory and String Theory (Amazing stuff), Working on some costuming for both Halloween and an amazing Post Apocalypse LARP in Texas. Lots going on, while trying to keep up my work, fitness, and relationship schedules.

Blogging has fallen to the wayside, and I can tell you why. It is not because of all the other things going on. It is because I made it work. I had a great concept and pushed myself to follow through with it, only to find it shot my drive in the foot when the concept and reality didn't meet.

This became a great lesson for me that I have been meditating upon for days.

Follow a passion with emotion. Follow a plan with your mind.

Taoism is my passion, if I plan it or over think it, the Taoist mindset leaves as I am filling my cup instead of leaving it empty.

I plan many things and keep it functioning and organized, but the emotion and the thought are separate. My blog is sharing a connection to my unconscious. Words flowing from the poetry of the heart. If I try to think to hard upon it, I falter.

From my misstep, may I share with you an experience. Learn and grow, follow your passion with all you heart, nothing brings more joy or more fulfillment than to connect with your inner voice.


Mindful Weakness

In setting active thought to my meditations, I have failed myself. Instead of letting Tao guide me and the wisdoms flow freely, I attempted to bind my insight to a specific train of thought. As I tried again and again to make the words come, all that came was frustration. I lost contact with the peace needed to hear my own thoughts.

This week has been trying upon me in many ways, as it nears its end I look forward to a new cycle less filled with over thought. Thinking too much, questioning and over examining can lead to doubt, and mindless inaction. How I wish to say I chose to not act, instead of doubting my actions and not taking them. Regret comes from inaction, peace from non-action.

Choose something, choose nothing, but for peace of mind, CHOOSE.


Taoist's Guide to: Mummies

Bound by ancient tradition, cursed by a need for vengeance, they walk the earth once more; Mummies!

Following traditions long left behind, these poor lost souls wander the earth filled with a hatred for how they were wronged. So long have they felt this pain that the Mummy has forgotten the source or intention of their frustrations. Now all that is left is the burning hate and craving to strike out at those that harm them.

They are wrapped up in old thoughts and find themselves unable to develop new ideas or even take discussion of a topic without filling it with hatred and venomous attacks.

There is no way to do battle with a Mummy. These cursed spirits of hatred are too caught up in their old regrets and desire for needless revenge to look past their own narrow views. To associate with them, merely by an empty vessel. Let their venom flow through you, do not accept it, do not fight it, just let it wash across you and flow away.

Be at peace with the world, hatred only leads to blindness. It is great to not like things, great to choose not to involve yourself with things. It is wonderful to try to change things, but hatred does not lead to positive change. End the cycle of hatred, even of yourself, and face the world with fluid confidence.

Taoist's Guide to: Vampires

The wanton dead. Their flesh moves only to fulfill their selfish desires. A Vampire is a hideous creature, draining the life of those around them.

A Vampire tends to keep at least one Thrall among those that they take from. This Thrall is the enabler. The one person who feeds the Vampires belief that their actions are OK.

Just being in the presence of most Vampires, you could never tell what they are. Generally, they are charismatic and oft times a pleasant person socially. The problem comes behind the scenes, they live off of others by any means.

Under a guise of sweet words and good intentions, the Vampire will lead on those around them gaining free living and a free place to feed. Their good nature makes them hard to turn away and their Thrall will defend them.

How do you eliminate the Vampire's nature? This is the hardest part of the situation. You cannot let them continue what they are doing. Yet, is it worth it to cast them out and lose the friendship with their Thrall?

Yes. Being a good person is of utmost importance, but standing up for yourself to the leeches on society is more important. You can do nothing to improve life for yourself or others if your life is not where it should be.

Are you outside of a group with a Vampire in it? You can try two things. Confront the Vampire privately or talk with your friends why they let it happen. This circumstance is difficult to handle, but with respect and tact you can gain insight into the situation. The most important thing to remember about it... If it doesn't effect you, don't get involved.

Do not let yourself fall prey to the wiles of those that would use you. The cycles of life will bring people in and out of your world regularly, you never need to support someone at the expense of the self.

Support your students, those that will learn from you, grow from you, and when the learning ends, it is time to part ways. Do not force the relationship to linger, nor let them hold on like a nursing child. When the end comes, let it go and make it end, lest you end up having a Vampire take roost in your home... or worse, you fall to becoming one yourself.

Half Day, Double Time

Went in to work for a half day today, yay for being off by 10 am. Off to do some errands then I'll be back to play catch up for yesterday. Two posts today.

Taoist's Guide to: Vampires
Taoist's Guide to: Mummies


Taoist's Guide to: Ghosts

They wail and moan. They haunt the dark, aching to feel real again. Many have forgotten why they feel the way they do. These are the Ghosts of our society.

We rarely see them, hiding away from the prying eyes of the world. Those we do see, their sorrow, their pain, it is almost palatable.

A Ghost can easily bring you down, leaving you feeling weak and depressed. They long for human contact once more, but fear the inevitable pain of loss. A Ghost will fill their public moments with sad commentary on how bad everything is, how the world is dying, and how bad the ills they have suffered.

Zombies and Ghosts are similar in behavior, but bear a distinct difference. Where a Zombie drags others into a mindless stupor, the Ghost wallows in negative emotion, unable to return to a positive world.

The key to handling a Ghost is to not accept the negativity they give you, nor to fight it. Let their pain stay their own, but do not deny them their suffering. Be the one that understands, the lighthouse in their sea of tears. Do not let them take your time, do not devote all to them, but take some time every week to be there for them.

Take your Ghost out and help it feel life again. Slowly.

Life is to be lived, Life is to be felt. Help the cycle of mourning and pain end. Life has great times and life has bad times, dwell on neither. All things come to an end, so value what you have, and prepare for what is coming.


Taoist's Guide to: Zombies

It has happened. The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us. All around us everyday people are slowly turning into mindless drudges. Yet, all is not lost. You my readers, shall gain the skills to identify these monsters and learn to survive in a world of ZOMBIES!!!

Look around you, do you see them? The dead look in their eyes, the trudging gait, the monotonous groan of 'Have a nice day.'

All around us there are those that have lost the will to continue, poor lost souls who are not living any longer. They are merely going through the motions. Many of them begrudge others who can still function and seek to drag them down, turning them as well.

Take time to identify these traits in those around you, you may even have a Zombie under your own roof!

There is hope, both for yourself and these sad unliving souls. You cannot fight them directly, they are resistant to all forms of positive reinforcement. They seek only a direct handout, not help up. Be empty, let them come to you and pour the venom out of their soul. Do not take it though, do not answer to it, let it flow through you without harm.

As they come to peace that you are not an enemy, not out to judge them, harm them, or take what last they hold onto... then you can begin to make a change. Not through simple words, but by helping them gain the tools to live. This is not something I can tell you how to do, but if you remember all that I've said before, help them find emptiness, help them return to youth, help them end their cycle and begin anew.

With each soul saved, you have changed the world for the better. Do not risk trying to fight them all you will be overwhelmed and become one of them, but just one life. Taking the time to help just one life will be the change the saves the world.