Taoist's Guide to: Zombies

It has happened. The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us. All around us everyday people are slowly turning into mindless drudges. Yet, all is not lost. You my readers, shall gain the skills to identify these monsters and learn to survive in a world of ZOMBIES!!!

Look around you, do you see them? The dead look in their eyes, the trudging gait, the monotonous groan of 'Have a nice day.'

All around us there are those that have lost the will to continue, poor lost souls who are not living any longer. They are merely going through the motions. Many of them begrudge others who can still function and seek to drag them down, turning them as well.

Take time to identify these traits in those around you, you may even have a Zombie under your own roof!

There is hope, both for yourself and these sad unliving souls. You cannot fight them directly, they are resistant to all forms of positive reinforcement. They seek only a direct handout, not help up. Be empty, let them come to you and pour the venom out of their soul. Do not take it though, do not answer to it, let it flow through you without harm.

As they come to peace that you are not an enemy, not out to judge them, harm them, or take what last they hold onto... then you can begin to make a change. Not through simple words, but by helping them gain the tools to live. This is not something I can tell you how to do, but if you remember all that I've said before, help them find emptiness, help them return to youth, help them end their cycle and begin anew.

With each soul saved, you have changed the world for the better. Do not risk trying to fight them all you will be overwhelmed and become one of them, but just one life. Taking the time to help just one life will be the change the saves the world.


  1. ohhh.. i thought real zombies. i thought you're gonna post some awesome ancient technique to use against the zombies!

  2. Sorry, nothing truly supernatural. Just a humorous view of the world at large.

  3. It's good to see that you're beating inertia today :)

  4. ... This is definitely a Digital Age Taoist's post XD

  5. I see those Zombies and try to save them from themselves, but they are a stubborn lot. I shall implement your techniques to further my own efforts. Thank you once again for such a great post.

  6. hah. i know what to do if there were zombies...