Taoist's Guide to: Ghosts

They wail and moan. They haunt the dark, aching to feel real again. Many have forgotten why they feel the way they do. These are the Ghosts of our society.

We rarely see them, hiding away from the prying eyes of the world. Those we do see, their sorrow, their pain, it is almost palatable.

A Ghost can easily bring you down, leaving you feeling weak and depressed. They long for human contact once more, but fear the inevitable pain of loss. A Ghost will fill their public moments with sad commentary on how bad everything is, how the world is dying, and how bad the ills they have suffered.

Zombies and Ghosts are similar in behavior, but bear a distinct difference. Where a Zombie drags others into a mindless stupor, the Ghost wallows in negative emotion, unable to return to a positive world.

The key to handling a Ghost is to not accept the negativity they give you, nor to fight it. Let their pain stay their own, but do not deny them their suffering. Be the one that understands, the lighthouse in their sea of tears. Do not let them take your time, do not devote all to them, but take some time every week to be there for them.

Take your Ghost out and help it feel life again. Slowly.

Life is to be lived, Life is to be felt. Help the cycle of mourning and pain end. Life has great times and life has bad times, dwell on neither. All things come to an end, so value what you have, and prepare for what is coming.


  1. Brb, Still trying to save world from Zombie first.

  2. Interesting approach to ghosts. I've never seen a ghost, but I've always sort of wanted to.

  3. Thanxs a lot, ghost are very common at my home.

  4. Cool post man!Thanks!
    Supp :D

  5. Have you had any ghost experiences?

  6. Mr. Smith, once at an old camp site. Middle of the night back on the trails. I saw several figures looking like just moving humanoid shadows through the trees, was extremely creepy.

    Barnacle, This week is about metaphors between handling people and the monsters we emulate.

  7. I know of several of these people like this. They like to wail and complain nearly all the time. There is nothing that can bring them up so I tend to stop trying and just nod when they ramble on.