Inspirations from Beyond

Things are a bit hectic. Getting ready for a Charity Wine Gala, a friend is getting me into studying Quantum Theory and String Theory (Amazing stuff), Working on some costuming for both Halloween and an amazing Post Apocalypse LARP in Texas. Lots going on, while trying to keep up my work, fitness, and relationship schedules.

Blogging has fallen to the wayside, and I can tell you why. It is not because of all the other things going on. It is because I made it work. I had a great concept and pushed myself to follow through with it, only to find it shot my drive in the foot when the concept and reality didn't meet.

This became a great lesson for me that I have been meditating upon for days.

Follow a passion with emotion. Follow a plan with your mind.

Taoism is my passion, if I plan it or over think it, the Taoist mindset leaves as I am filling my cup instead of leaving it empty.

I plan many things and keep it functioning and organized, but the emotion and the thought are separate. My blog is sharing a connection to my unconscious. Words flowing from the poetry of the heart. If I try to think to hard upon it, I falter.

From my misstep, may I share with you an experience. Learn and grow, follow your passion with all you heart, nothing brings more joy or more fulfillment than to connect with your inner voice.


  1. Passion is pretty great, without it I wouldn't live.

    And what is a LARP?

  2. A LARP is a (L)ive (A)ction (R)ole(P)lay Game

    My girlfriend and I will be blogging the process of the make up work and costume development soon, so that we can keep a log of what we did.

  3. Looking forward to the post about the Larp.

    I really do enjoy reading your blogs. They are never boring, or commercial. I never feel like you are lecturing or talking down to people. You just speak from your mind and your soul; it flows just so naturally and it shows. Looking forward to continuing to following and showing my support each and everyday.