What Inspires?

Do you think about what you say?

Are the words that come out of you mouth wasted upon deaf ears? Have the words you have said made those ears deaf to you?

You give your words power, but only the listener gives them value. If your words are always destructive, negative, and violent, people will begin to ignore them.

Let your words be a comfort, let your words hold real power, let your words inspire. I work with a young lady who inspires me regularly. Not be profound words, she often talks of daily life, school, and sillyness. Yet, her constant joie de vive reminds me how life shouldn't be taken so seriously.

As I let go of the serious path, I find my mind filled with deep thoughts. The musings of a sage and of a child are not so different.


  1. Thus the saying "out of the mouths of babes". The wisdom of innocence not yet corrupted by the disappointments of experience..

  2. I try to be careful with my wording. Still seem to get in trouble though >.>

  3. Vikki, you have stated one of the big things that I fight.

    Experience is only a disappointment if you let it be. You should strive to learn instead of mourn what has happened. The worst experiences in life can be the most important steps for making a person amazing.

    The child's mind is not corrupted by experience, but by expectations to leave it behind. A principle of Taoism is to return to that child's mind. Stop trying to play pretend and be yourself.

    I was asked, 'What is the difference between returning to a child's mind and being immature?'

    An immature person does not think of the cause and effect of their actions, they do not understand the importance of their responsibilities. Though aspects of a child, they are not a part of the child's mind.

    The child's mind is about looking at the world untarnished by your preconceived notions. You stop seeing things because you have looked at them a thousand times, you stop wondering about things, because you think you know the answers. To return to the child's mind, you must return to that curiosity and explore the world as if you've never been told how it works.

  4. Yeah, nothing better than a positive attitude

  5. I really try to make what I say be useful and effective, but my ex-gf was convinced that I knew exactly what to say to get my way. She said that I had such a way of saying things that I could twist the truth and always be correct.

  6. Dan, you bear a gift and a curse. To be able to weave words is an art, you can train yourself to be better at it and use it in ways that make you proud of yourself.

  7. Inspirational work of a genius my friend