A Gift Unwanted

Every day those around us offer us the worst of gifts. They offer us their anger, their frustration, their pain. They don't want it any more, they want the pain to go away.

This daily torment comes at us and without meaning to we take these gifts. A fine day goes badly because of another person's problems. Yet, are you responsible for it? Did you actually do something wrong? Even if you did, was your action truly worth their response?

Stop taking these gifts. They may offer it, but you have no obligation to accept. Be empty and let the negativity flow through you, do not let it stay with you.

Whenever anyone tries to attack you verbally, emotionally, psychologically... Only you have the power to validate their sickness. Let their poison have no meaning. Do not fight them on their terms, do not let their judgment and wicked words sink in. Stand apart from them, understand that staying calm will guide you better than their assault. Hear what they are trying to say, evaluate the validity, and let it go.

If you have taken the time to begin understanding who you are, no one else can criticize you. They may try, but you have the power to judge their words and see what you wish to apply to yourself. The world is full of opinions, most of them wrong for your way of life. Don't get caught up in the critics view. Only let you be the judge of how you live your life. If you are living it well; If you are happy; and you are making the world better (not worse) for those around you; then you are living a good life.

Those that waste their time hating, judging, and criticizing those around them are the ones to pity. As they are so unhappy with themselves, that they feel that they must give that pain to others, hoping to feel happier. That path of life works for no one. To be one with Tao, be empty and let the gift of pain flow through you.


  1. What if you re-gift? Is that cool?

  2. Hah, I don't think so. You should not spread ill-will, spread the joy and beauty of the world, ease the burden of the world, do not lash out at it.

  3. Thank you for these wise words, sir.

  4. I had fallen in love with the ideals of Taoism since the TV show Rescue Me (which I used to watch religiously) had a few episodes featuring a few of the guys reading The Tao of Pooh. Made it very easy to understand, and made a ton of sense too. Good to see someone offering good advice from this point of view. :)