Taoist's Guide to: Mummies

Bound by ancient tradition, cursed by a need for vengeance, they walk the earth once more; Mummies!

Following traditions long left behind, these poor lost souls wander the earth filled with a hatred for how they were wronged. So long have they felt this pain that the Mummy has forgotten the source or intention of their frustrations. Now all that is left is the burning hate and craving to strike out at those that harm them.

They are wrapped up in old thoughts and find themselves unable to develop new ideas or even take discussion of a topic without filling it with hatred and venomous attacks.

There is no way to do battle with a Mummy. These cursed spirits of hatred are too caught up in their old regrets and desire for needless revenge to look past their own narrow views. To associate with them, merely by an empty vessel. Let their venom flow through you, do not accept it, do not fight it, just let it wash across you and flow away.

Be at peace with the world, hatred only leads to blindness. It is great to not like things, great to choose not to involve yourself with things. It is wonderful to try to change things, but hatred does not lead to positive change. End the cycle of hatred, even of yourself, and face the world with fluid confidence.


  1. I really liked that, insightful thinking. :D

  2. Good news, I finally stopped that zombie infestation. Now I can start on thi...oh wait, need to stop ghosts. lol
    In all seriousness, I love this little series your doing.