Masked Truth

Happy Candy Day!

In celebration of this day of masquerade, let's look at our personal masks. Every day when you get up, you prepare for the day ahead. Your behaviors at work are different than those at home, which are further different than at school.

It is an easy transition of thought to consider each of these different behavior patterns as a mask. We place a different mask on for every activity. Some would argue that this is an unhealthy pattern of behavior, to change one's self instead of always hold true to the core being. I disagree.

We learn to behave by the rules of the given situation, if we choose to ignore them, then we are not making an attempt to be a part of the greater community. I am not talking about giving up a part of yourself to fit in, I am talking about putting on a social mask to not stand out.

The ultimate goal in this concept is not to become one of the crowd, but to blend in with the crowd. Almost as a wolf in sheep's clothing, you develop the ability to stalk through groups unnoticed, as you appear to be a part of it. Yet, you have not given up your personal beliefs, therefore you can still chose to act as yourself, working to move against or uplift the setting.

Everyday, every situation, changing masks to always fit in. Don't change what's on the inside for external acceptance, put on the right mask.


  1. Rough discussion on concept. This is a hard thought for me to put on paper, it doesn't convey as positive of a thought process as intended.

    Feel free to shoot some questions, I'll be able to better explain this. I didn't want to bog it down with examples of what masks were, yet I feel the metaphor may shine in a negative light, and not the tool to uplift that it has been for me.

  2. I spent 26 years wearing a mask. Never again.

  3. The depth of those words struck me. When I spent time questioning all of who I was, gender, sexual orientation, psychological state, life goals, I was trying on many different masks, until I finally cast off my very name and began to forge myself into the being I wanted to be.

    I do not even compare it to the struggles you have faced, but your words strung a chord of a lifetime put behind me.

  4. Masks come in so many different casts and shapes .. some keep us safe, for good or ill, many are equipped with blinders and tinted lenses that keep us from seeing our lives the way they really are.

    Being bare-faced is terrifying sometimes...it all depends on the company you keep :)

  5. be yourself amongst the others.. pretty interesting post

  6. wish more people would realize this and not constantly toss around words like Sell-out or poser. I am still me on the inside I just choose to be another aspect of myself in given situations.