Survival of the Laziest.

We spend so much time struggling towards an invisible promised land. That fabled place where you have 'enough'. Work at 110% every minute of every day and some mythological force will make sure it pays off.

What a load of shit!

Do a good job, because it adds value to yourself.
Stop trying to achieve when you find yourself happy with what you have.
Be happy with what you have.
Accept when loss comes your way, while being ready embrace change.

The only promised land awaiting you is the one you make for yourself, so why set your goals in the mythical. You don't ever have to be what others expect you to be. You have the right to step out of the conformity and say 'I am doing it my way.'

Are you happy with your minimum wage job?

I mean really, it is the most wonderful thing. You are only responsible for your own actions, so you are allowed to set the bar. You may not make much, but by learning to live within the limitations you'll be amazed what you can do with a minimalist lifestyle. You may not realize it, but in that position others don't have high expectations. Find out what they expect of you, it's generally much less than many specialist positions out there.

Find joy in the simplicity and then with the freedom of spirit you have gained, take time to get to know yourself and become a person not defined by their job.


  1. "find joy in the simplicity"

    i loved that. will follow you for as long as you keep this up!

  2. A good philosophy to live by.

  3. Good read dude. Just showing support, check out my blog sometime.

  4. I'm never happy with my minimum wage job..

  5. I for one embrace the simplicity of my minimum wage occupation. It does take a certain kind of person to give up on the ladder of success, but there is much peace to be found there.

  6. thank's for that precious lesson .

  7. this was interesting. Comment back.