Universal Body

Your body is a piece of the divine absolute.  Be it flawed and crumbling, or a pillar of so-called human perfection.  You are a vital part of the absolute divinity.  Heaven, Earth, and Man are all one amongst Tao.  Tao is the nothingness that fills every empty space.  Tao is the understanding that all is nothing.

In this world of our absolute divinity, not only is your body a temple to the divine spark, but so is every other piece of creation.  We are the simple cells of an infinite heavenly body.  Our movements similar to the flow of blood through the veins of an inconceivable god. 

But do not forget, if you pay close attention, you can feel the ebb and flow of your body.  The divine feels the trickle of your joys and your sorrows.  It does not wish for your discomfort, as you do not wish for your body to hurt.  Yet, to grow strong, you must damage your muscles and provide them the fuel to grow stronger.

The divine shall test you so that the whole shall become greater.  Pay sweet reverence to the struggles of all around you, knowing that as you come through it and help those around achieve a greater state of understanding, all shall become greater then the sum of the pains.  A thousand thin strands grown strong through challenge can come together and move worlds.

Thank you divine, the god that is within, the god that is without, the absolute divinity that is all things.  For the sorrow that makes the joy worthy, the pains that show my strength, and the humbling minuteness of my being, that makes me see how important I can be.

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