Do you trust?  Few can grasp the concept any longer.  We are raised to fear, label, and hide. Deceive, disconnect, and detach from one another. 

Do you hit you snooze button?
Do you worry after you delegate?
Do you beat around the bothersome?

All of these are counter trust.  The snooze button is a breach of a promise.  You set that alarm for yourself, agreeing to get up when it goes off.  You delegated a task to another, but worry they won't succeed, why place trust in someone and then tell them they will fail? Passive aggressive responses to real problems will never convey your true intentions.

Trust and truth come hand in hand, hold your hands open; trust in one, truth in the other.  As you offer these to your world, your open arms shall be free to receive the peace that comes.  You hands shall be free from tiresome burdens and your life left lighter.  And amongst all of this, one truly beautiful thing may arise as the cloud of soft deceptions clears; self trust.

You are a worthy person.  The divine made you with a purpose that your are capable of.  Stop listening to the easy lies, the words that say you are weak, you are inferior, you must achieve more.  Before you can achieve anything, you must achieve the hardest step along The Path; achieve the self.

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