There is no "I" in Tao

The pursuit of peace can be oft hindered by the pursuit of self.  To be caught up in moments, the decision to do what you should do and what you want to do come into conflict.  If you are in the flow of Tao, following a path of doing what is truly right, than what you want to do is more important than what you should do.

The illusory 'they' have set these rules that you don't fully understand.  A serious of social contracts designed to benefit the select at the expense of the whole.  This voice spoken from the global subconcious tells you there is a brass ring you must reach for, yet when you obtain it, tells you that you have obtained nothing until you get the silver ring further down the line.

To defeat this voices is a life long path of defying a set of unspoken obligations to live a life free and peaceful.  To do what is right, not what is expected.  The path of Tao is not an easy one, it is a path to live an easy life. 

If you keep pushing yourself for that next ring, you will always walk a path of selfish displeasure.  The joy of competition and success are temporary, but understanding all that you have and the greatness of who you are will give you lasting happiness.

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  1. I try to obtain this, then find myself competing with the world view and it all falls apart. Your world and beliefs strengthens me.