For most of this year, I have been sparse and distant to this spot of meditation in my life. I sought out success, gained it, and suffered for it.

Now, as I return from success back to focus on the self, I find that people have been coming to this quiet place and reading my simple words. To say I was astounded, would be an understatement. I did not follow the path of Tao and so it left me, I have been a man lost and without peace for many months.

Yet, I remember something so important;
To understand strength, you must first know weakness.
To know joy, you must feel sorrow.
To value life, you must face death.
To find yourself, you must first become lost.

I'm balancing my life and returning to peace, as I begin to work meditation, yoga, and exercise back into my routine, so shall I begin to blend my meditations and my writings once more. Never have I found the peace as when I closed my mind and let my words flow forth.

You are no so far away from the flow of Tao that you it will never return, you just have to stop seeking it and it will fill you.

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