The Death of Self

It was time to let myself die. After weeks and weeks of working myself to near death, a break came and I let it happen.

As I rose again at dawn, I felt one cycle end and a new one begin.

As I struggle to continue a life of peace and mindfulness, I learn more the depth of these teachings. We spend our youth trying to act like adults, faking behaviors we don't fully understand. We spend our adult years still trying to do the same thing, but no longer looking up to our elders, we look to our peers.

The path of Tao has taught me to stop looking outward for definition. To stop looking for definition, period. I am a person, traits may be used to define me, but I am not the sum of another man's words. My clothing, my appearance, my possessions do not define who I am, only how others see me. My words and my actions are taken only to complete my responsibilities in a way in which I can respect myself. As I respect myself, the world around me continues to do what it should... Ignores me.

I am not on this world to flaunt myself before people for their affections. That is a waste of energy and time. I stand strong and work hard to wake each day with a conviction of self. I am proud of who I am and the life I live. All that I have become can be used to help change the world around me. Every strife I have survived, is a new story I can share to ease the suffering of a weary soul.

I choose one word to define who I wish to be, Sage. I wish to be a man that others may respect my wisdom and to be the one to guide the lost back to a path of their own choosing. In my life, if I do nothing else, let me be a force of change, a force to guide others from fear and ignorance and towards a path of self enlightenment, self respect, and peace.

You are the change that is needed in this world, stand tall, take responsibility for you state of being, and be the change that will heal your suffering.

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