Managing Inaction

As my life has moved me forward, my path has felt divergent from the path of Tao. Success, money, stress, and frustration. Trying to move closer to Tao, I would waver from my success and not know what to prioritize.

For the sake of my family and my future, I chose work. I worked myself to stress and frustration, then I realized... I climbed the mountain. This was not divergent from the path of Tao, but a challenge along my path. Walking the path of Taoism is never an easy one, it just makes life feel easier.

I thought that my path and beliefs had made life easy and never understood the Taoist saying that living Tao is hard. Now I know deeply what that means. All things flow in cycles and I have given in to this cycle of pain. The cycle comes to an end as I have learned all the basics well enough to have forgotten them.

This new cycle begins as I flow forth in a new direction.

As I leave off for a while on a new project, mayhap I will post new meditations here. I will leave you off with something important that made my struggles with the writings here make sense.

"You don't write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say." ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

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  1. You are an amazing young man (or old man in wisdom) and I can never say how proud of you I am. It's not an easy path you walk, but you do it and still come out the winner.

    Me? I'm working in my garden, thinking of you and your lady and loving my cats. "Mom's are like that, yeah they are"